Shaun Neblett
Youth Theater Coordinator, Writer

Shaun Neblett began his career as a youth-theater coordinator during his third year of study at New York University.

After receiving his B.F.A., Shaun spent ten years creating and designing theater programs in urban neighborhoods throughout New York City. As participants in Shaun’s theater programs, hundreds of youth learned to create and perform original plays that voiced their internal struggles and made them more confident human beings.

Three years ago, Shaun created his own theater production company called Changing Perceptions Theater. Schools and institutions including The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Harlem Children’s Zone, and The Eagle Academy for Young Men utilize Changing Perceptions Theater to teach youth media -literacy, public speaking, and dramatic arts.

Shaun is an established playwright who was first produced Off- Broadway when he was 18 years old at the prestigious Public Theater. Since then, his plays have been produced internationally, Off- Broadway, and at regional theater venues.

He is completing his “7 Homages for 7 MCs" play cycle, which is a suite of seven original plays that originate from the spirit of classic hip-hop albums. Shaun’s first completed play in the cycle pays tribute to the rapper Nas’ debut album Illmatic and was referenced by African American scholar Dr. Michael Eric Dyson as “A great play that evokes a sense history and a sense intimacy with people who nurture you, surround you and are a mystery to you."

Shaun is also a published author. His essay "Jazz, Hip-Hop, & Dad in my Subconscious" was published in the 2008 nationwide anthology "Be a Father to Your Child: Real Talk from Black Men on Family, Love, and Fatherhood."